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Specialist Resleeving Facilities for Hydraulic Cylinders,Remote Brake Servos and Dunlop Disc Brake Calipers.

To complement its range of new and remanufactured master and wheel cylinders, Past Parts also provides a high-quality re-sleeving service which can often be processed within a few days, subject to component parts being ex-stock. 

The remanufacturing process was devised in Australia where re-sleeving hydraulic cylinders is "the norm", Past Parts is one of the only companies in Europe with the equipment to provide this specialist service flew in specialist trainers from Australia to help setup the facility and train the engineering staff. 

Units are bored and re-sleeved back to their original bore size using stainless steel which means it won't corrode, a valuable advantage for vehicles stored for long periods. Even if a new part can be supplied, a re-sleeved unit may still be preferable, especially if the casting is aluminium, as it eliminates the common problem of bore pitting and corrosion.

Units are finished either in their original cast iron or aluminium colour, or can be finished in Yellow Gold Zinc plating or Silver Bright Zinc plating, so please specify your requirements when ordering. For more infomation on our resleeving services please click on the link.

 Cylinder sleeving overview

We have a large range of exchange "off the shelf" resleeved units but you can just click the link below, send us your unit and we will restore it for in just a few days and If you can't find the part you need in our online catalogue just click the "Contact" button at the top of the page and email us an enquiry or give us a call on 01284 750729          

Download our remanufacturing form which should be completed IN FULL and returned with your old unit to our address.


Our range of resleeved products includes all types of

  • Hydraulic Brake Master and Wheel Cylinders
  • Remote Brake Servos
  • Dunlop Brake Caliper Pods
  • Hydraulic Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders


  • We also offer a high quality rebuilding service for Disc Brake Calipers all using New Pistons and Rubber parts. 
  • N.B. Please remove and retain your Brake Pads and/or Handbrake Pads before sending your calipers to us for rebuilding.



Our engineer skillfully machines out a Rover SD1 Brake Master Cylinder ready for 15/16" stainless steel sleeve.


Rover SD1 Brake Master Cylinder sub-assemblies cleaned, fitted with new seals and laid out ready for assembly.

1982 Chevrolet  Corvette Calipers plated in Bright Zine Passivate (Silver) prepared and ready for assembly.

One of our Engineers setting up a cylinder for machining.

A before and after of a BMW Brake Servo rebuilt by our Servo Specialist.

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